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Floga S.A. is a company that provides quality solutions to challenges in heating, plumbing and energy management.

Through a long-standing course focused on perfect service and human relations, Floga continues to be successful in the years of the crisis. Although obstacles become more and more by the day, we strive to be a source of strength and support for all our partners.

We are proud to keep strong relationships with reliable partners in North America and Europe, such as Steinen, Suntec, Afriso and Instal Projekt. In the meantime, we hope to find new opportunities all over the world.

On the domestic front, we believe in the abilities of a large network of partners throughout the country. We deeply respect each member of this network and we try to strengthen and expand it as we move forward.

With our activities in wholesale and retail as well, we are certain that we can provide the best solution to all customers and professionals in our sector.


Floga S.A. was founded in 1994 in Thessaloniki by  Georgios Moularas, who remains the owner and general manager of the company.

The next chapter was written in 1999 with the move to new, privately-owned facilities in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, a move that provided the potential for improved daily functions and better service of our clients.

Recently, Floga has started a retail section with a primary target of becoming the go-to one-stop-shop for heating in the local area.

Our future plans focus on expansion to e-commerce, with our new website being the major step in this direction.


Floga S.A. is located in a privately owned area of 10.000 sq.m. on 23rd km of National Road Thessaloniki Polygyros. The facilities that include offices and a warehouse are 550 sq.m and in a small distance from Thessaloniki, the largest city in northern Greece and the second largest in the country.